The AGM is to be held at the clubrooms on Sunday the 18th

This is your chance to have your say with the happenings of the club. We are always looking for new blood to join the committee, and even if you don’t have so much time, you can still put your hand up to help out within the club.

With over 140 members, we need volunteers to help run the club. A handful of people cant do this on their own.

Their are no real hard jobs to be done, but more hands make light work. Our club is one of the most successful angling clubs going, so we need your input and help to keep it at this level so all of our anglers can enjoy their memberships to the fullest.

There will be a bbq to follow the AGM

Lets see you all there on Sunday the 18th Novemeber



Saturday and Sunday, 24th/25 Novemeber

10kg line class and tag and release only

4PM weigh in at the clubrooms daily with a bbq to follow the weigh in on Saturday

Looking Forward to seeing everyone on the water



The Barrels are back

With at least 4 confirmed captures, it appears that the barrels are back.

And with the weather looking to be fining up, i expect that we will see more to come. Time to dust off those big Tiagras and get out on it.

 Pakula Lures 4.KG Tuna Shootout Comp

Father ans son team John and Richard Hateley took out the prizes in the Pakula Lures 4KG tuna shoot out.

The weather was great wind wise and most of the day was fished in milk pond conditions, once you got outside the 4m sea that was running inside ! With the sea a bit bigger than most liked we only saw a handful of boats contest for the prizes. Nearly all the boats boated fish to 10kg and Belly and Hoody had their hair blown back as Sparksy opened the throttles on his new beast which has from all good reports, has SCARY amounts of take off ability from a standing start and 40knot cruising speeds !






A huge thank you to tournament sponsor Peter Pakula at PAKULA LURES. The club thanks Peter and Jo for their ongoing support of the club.

Pakula Lures


The 2018 Tuna Comp has been run and won.  A huge thanks to all our sponsors and supporters that make the event possible. thank you to all the anglers that travelled from away, even with a not so nice weather forcast. That being said, we saw some excellent captures and of course the usual wallies should there true form in entertaining us with there misadventures.

winners are posted below for viewing.

2018 tuna comp winners – seniors

tuna comp winners 2018 – juniors

tuna comp pics will be posted shortly

Taylor Marine

Ploenges Marine

Pakula Lures

Club Marine Insurance


not so many anal fin nominations this month but dont be afraid to email your nominations to

Anal fin nominations

Might have had the daily double Sam but maybe the old man needs to take a tape measure fishing with him. So the first nomination for the anal fin award goes to Mark Whan for a slightly over length trace on a 31kg record breaking fish !!!!!!!

Speaking of  anal fin nominations ! A notable grumpy skipper sends his long time deck hand of up the pontoon to fetch the tow vehicle and trailer. 30 minutes pass and still no trailer on the ramp. The skipper thinks ‘ i better go check whats going on’ !

‘The key dosn’t work in the door’ was the comment from the before mentioned crew member ! hmmmmmmm

Try using the correct key next time ‘DINGO’ Pratt ! or at least don’t keep trying the wrong one for half an hour !

Our third nomination, YES there are three in the first month ! goes to a guy that has been in the club for some 25+ years, and no ‘Ian Johnson”, a mullet is not a species !!!!!!!!!!!

The eye in the sky is always watching ! lol   If you feel the need to nominate or dob in a dill, you can email the stories through at


Dont forget to renew your membership. This can be done on the website with the issues with paypal now sorted out. a printable membership is posted. contact us through the website with any inquiries if you are having any difficulties.


We will be doing a round up of all tag cards very soon. it would be great if everyone could help us out be letting us know what tags you have and there numbers. Tags are becoming hard to obtain and we need to relay this info back to NSWdpi. You can either email us with your tag details or bring them along when we hold a session in the near future to collect this information.


we need some nice fresh gallery photos to go on our page. You can email your best fishing pics to